5 healing mantras for stress relief

As an avid worker, stress comes naturally with my personality and the effects it can have can be challenging; lack of sleep, loss of appetite, shaky hands, acne… The list goes on and unfortunately, I know I am certainly not the only that suffers with this. At some point in everyones life, they will suffer from stress. It’s a completely normal feeling to experience from time to time but sometimes, it can become overwhelming and I’m sure everyone would like to know how to decrease the feeling of stress.

Although, I personally find stress can be a great motivator and have learnt to harness and manage it to help me reach my goals, I know not everyone can, or would like to, use stress this way. Moreover, I myself find that it is in my best interest- particularly my health- to decrease and manage stress levels so they don’t reach to high. This is where I find mantras which I can practice and tell myself comes into play. A mantra is a instrument of thought; a phrase or quote that releases psychological and spiritual powers. Words have the power to interrupt negativity, invite change in life and affect your overall wellbeing. Here are the five I use to reduce stress levels and relieve myself of unnecessary tension:



Everything is temporary


Realize that everything is under a constant state of transition; Plants die then bloom, hot cups of coffee go cold and the ocean’s waves change from calm to stormy waters. This does not discount ourselves either, for we too are all in a constant metamorphosis.

When times are suddenly getting harder, it is important to apply this knowledge to ourselves and understand that the stress if our cup of coffee. There will be times when it’s just too hot to drink and burns your throat but you must be patient. Forget the cup of coffee for a moment and go talk to a friend or watch a ted talk. In a few minuets, you know that you can return to your cup and indulge in your drink that is now at the perfect temperature. You know to enjoy that drink because in ten minuets it will be too cold.

And here is the key: even when the coffee goes cold, you must find a way to enjoy it. The coffee is still coffee. It may have transformed majorly but it’s still just coffee. When life goes a little cold, try and enjoy it for what it is and live with the reassurance that there are some simple, easy ways to warm it up again.

‘even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise’ ~Victor Hugo


My mistakes are not failures


Life is about learning and growing to become someone who you are proud to be. If you do not embrace your mistakes and perceive your actions as either failures or successes then you’re stopping yourself from being able to grow.

The truth of the matter is that there is really no wrong decision. They’re just decisions. Look back on all of your pro/con lists and how many times you’ve flipped a coin hoping that you will just know the choice right before it hits the ground. Yet, each time you come out empty handed and feeling just as lost as you did before you let go of that coin.

Categorising decisions in to right or wrong isn’t the most effective thought process to have. Whilst I too find myself looking at life as ticking things off of my weekly ‘to do list’ and reaching goal after goal. Life really shouldn’t be perceived this way.

Life should be about learning and growing into the beautiful flower you are happy to be. If your decisions don’t work out or other people don’t approve, why should this matter? There is always a way to swerve around around those problems. Focusing on what went wrong and placing unnecessary pressure on to yourself to always make the right decision is stress inducing.

Focus on being the person who makes you excited to wake up in the morning and enthusiastic for life itself. Only when you are at peace with yourself and the choices you make and you have developed the courage to follow your gut, can you breathe out all of your stress.

Stress has no place in authenticity.





Practice Mindfulness


In the fast-paced world we live in today, it can be so difficult to just take a moment to be still. To just stop. However, this is such a vital process in managing stress and most importantly- gaining clarity.

When stressful moments arise, nine times out of ten our minds are racing at a mile a minute. Therefore, you need to focus. Focus in one singular idea or moment. Then zone in and find happiness in that stillness. It could be as simple as planting some flowers or rearranging your books. Whatever, the task at hand is, allow yourself to become totally immersed and enjoy every second of it. Understand that in this singular moment, it’s just you and your flowers. Be centred. This will give your complete awareness to the present moment, you’re not worrying about the future or being consumed by the past.


I trust the guidance of the universe


As much as we’d all like to, the truth of the matter is, no one can control everything and no one is supposed to! Whilst taking control is sometimes required and is a great step towards starting to chase your dreams, doing this in every aspect of your life is incredibly stress inducing. You must find a way to let some things go.

What helps in letting go is finding a way to believe that whatever you’re dealing with is being worked on by some entity bigger than yourself.

This does not mean that you are placing your responsibilities on to someone or something else but understanding that you are doing enough. You just need to activate the power of trust into your life and become one with your intuition.

If things fall flat and you feel like trusting was responsible then your perception might be on the darker side. With every kick back, a new experience opens you up to a deeper understanding of who you are. You may be thinking that you’re being broken down but all that is happening is that you are being re-built. There’s always a give and a take to every moment. A Yin and Yang.

Just because things aren’t going the way you wanted doesn’t mean it’s going wrong, it just means that one road has been closed off but there’s always an alternative route you can drive down. You just need to have the courage to keep going and trust in the magic of the universe.




I’ve made it this far…


Take a moment to think about all of the things you’ve been through in your life; the highs, the lows and everything in between. Most importantly, take a note on how you’ve always found a way to survive through it all, even when it seemed impossible.

You’ve most likely had days that are a complete blur, they went so fast and ones you can’t even remember. You probably have days you wish you couldn’t remember because they were so humiliating you thought you’d never make it out of that moment with all of your sanity intact. Unfortunately, their has most likely been dips in the road so severe, that they were more like holes in the ground and you thought you’d never be able to climb out.But here you are. Still bossing it and ready to make the most out of the experiences you have left.

You should be proud of your past and make sure to remind yourself how far you’ve come. You have the wisdom to walk in the rain and the gallantry to take leaps you never thought possible. You can do it, you just need to have faith in yourself. You’ve been through stressful times before and the only difference is now you have more experience, more confidence and you’re more of a warrior-goddess than you ever have been before. You’ve got this.


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