Jump to it! Your guide to jumpsuits for Spring

Jumpsuits: not just for the brave or those willing to sit half-naked on the toilet…

To be perfectly honest, jumpsuits were never really my thing. As a shortie, I took one look at them and made a fast decision that they would drown me out and make me look frumpy. Then, I tried one on and was amazed on how it made me look the complete opposite of what I thought; tall, classy, put-together and ultra comfy. Naturally, I went a little crazy at my discovery and added a billion and one jumpsuits to my wish list and invested in two that I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my dresses over anything else- but having a jumpsuit is liberating, empowering and the breath of fresh air I need when I’m feeling uninspired with my wardrobe.

Although the jumpsuit is a very wearable piece, that covers you up in all the right places and elongates the figure all the while making you look like the sassiest, classiest lady in the room. It can be quite daunting to style, particularly if you’re like myself and are very new to embracing this piece of clothing.Moreover, there are some pretty terrible jumpsuits out there and others that will look great but only on the rack. Therefore, over the past few

months, I’ve been experimenting here and there with styling a jumpsuit to see what I think works best, both with my figure and personal style preferences, so I can share my discoveries with all my lovely Wildlings.

Although, I have mentioned about what it is complimentary towards different body types, however, I first and foremost encourage all Wildlings to wear what they like instead of conforming to societies preferences. I have simply added this in for those that like to soak in this information as a grounding for jumpsuit beginners that may not know where to begin.

I’ve written out my best tips and advice on how to style a jumpsuit for Spring and selected a variety of my favourite jumpsuits in the stores right now, which I feel will suit all different shapes and sizes! If you haven’t already, now is the time to give the jumpsuit a go. You never know, it just might be exactly what you need for your next wedding reception, party or special date!



Consider your jumpsuit needs

Just like any piece of clothing, jumpsuits come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to consider what you your jumpsuit needs consist of. Do you prefer something loose and casual for everyday use or a tailored cut for smart wear? In general, styles that are fitted at the waist and then looser on the legs tend to be the most flattering. If you are tall, wide-leg jumpsuits that finish just above the ground will be highly complementary. If you are a little shortbread like myself then you may want to look for a slim, cropped style instead, to avoid looking swamped in the fabric.

I personally knew that I wanted a jumpsuit that wasn’t black or white as I wear too much of this and have wanted to step out of my usual style preferences this year. I also desired a piece that spoke to my inner fashionista which adores feminine cuts with a little whimsy twist. Therefore, this jumpsuit was the perfect candidate with it’s beautiful pink colour, lace overlay and lace up back ( a new weakness of mine). On a more important note, the cropped cut on the leg compliments my height.

As we are specifically talking about jumpsuits for spring, it’s a good idea to look for short sleeved and strappy styles to help you stay cooler under the potential heat. Thus, I made sure mine catered for the heat also, and that I can easily take it into the summer season if I desire.

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Define your waist

Even when you’ve found the most amazing jumpsuit, focusing on adding definition to your waist is beneficial for jumpsuit wearers- particularly beginners. Not only will this help to define your shape but it adds some extra femininity. Therefore, I highly recommend looking for a jumpsuit that will bring you in at the waist as this will make the jumpsuit hunt generally easier and less overwhelming. However, if you have found a jumpsuit that you really love but it doesn’t quite bring you in at the waist, simply add a belt. This will not only create a very flattering shape, it will also make your outfit look more put-together and ‘trendy’. Even if the style is already fitted at the waist, you can still add a belt as this will slim your shape down and add some luscious curves, even if you feel like you don’t have any and want some. Try and opt for a belt that is in a contrasting colour to your jumpsuit to break the straight line up of your jumpsuit and add dimension to the outfit. This is also a great way to help you decide what shoes to wear, as you can match them with the colour of your belt for a touch of classiness to your look.

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Break it up

You’ll probably find that most jumpsuits are designed in one block of colour which can feel overwhelming if you’re a jumpsuit virgin. A great way to combat this challenge is to add dimension by breaking up the solid colours with a a lightweight jacket in a contrasting colour. Of course a belt is also a great option and as we’ve already established this will help define your figure, helping you tie two strings to one bow by combating two jumpsuit challenges in one. However, you may not be feeling the belt or find that it doesn’t work with your jumpsuit as the one I’m wearing here doesn’t due to the lace back.

Thankfully there are many other ways to help break up the straight line cut of a jumpsuit such as finding a great jacket in a different colour. This will also work wonderfully for dressing up or dressing down your jumpsuit depending on the event and thus, creates a diverse piece of clothing in your wardrobe. For example, I could add a black vegan leather jacket to this beautiful pink jumpsuit I’m wearing, for an edgier and more casual look, a trench coat and ballet flats for a cute, girlish, everyday look or a blazer and heels for formalwear.

Another great idea is to tie a jacket or shirt around your waist during the day in place of a belt, to add shape definition. There is also the option of wearing a t-shirt underneath your jumpsuit which can may you look like a style expert if tackled correctly. If you’re daring into this, I’d look at starting with a white tee before building up to more fashionable pieces like off-the-should tops, so you can get a good grounding of what jumpsuit works with t-shirt layers and what doesn’t.

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It’s all about the shoes

Despite jumpsuits being very flattering, they do have the effect of naturally drawing your eyes downwards as you look at them. Therefore, you need to make sure you’ve selected the perfect pair of walkers to complete your look.

There’s a reason why most of the time you see a gal in a jumpsuit she’s wearing heels and that’s because it is the most flattering choice. It doesn’t matter what cut you choose, a pair of heels will automatically tackle any problems you may gain such as choosing a drop waist that could make the figure look out of balance. It’s always best to opt for slim heels over chunkier ones as this will keep the look slick and long, which is what the jumpsuit is made for. Strappy heels are the perfect choice for the spring season as it will keep you feeling cooler when the sun comes out, adding balance to the all-in-one that’s covering a lot of skin. I went for lace up white heels to compliment the lace up back and enhance the softness of the pink.

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Add the finishing touches

Usually when you’re tackling a new piece of clothing, I wouldn’t say a hairstyle is the thing to think about. However, picking the right hairstyle can really enhance and finish off a jumpsuit look. For this, you need to look at a few different factors, however, to keep the decision simple I’d simply look at what occasion your outfit is catering towards. If it’s casual, leave your hair down to enhance the relaxed feeling of the look. Beachy waves, a loose ponytail or simply finger combing your locks are all great contenders. Usually, most casual looking jumpsuits show skin around the arms, shoulders and chest so wearing your hair down will balance the look. Obviously, formal events or tailored jumpsuits will work best with a polished up do. Often, with smart jumpsuits the cut involves the neckline being covered so wearing your hair up into a high ponytail or bun will help lengthen your neck to avoid an overwhelming amount of coverage in the chest region.

As I wanted my look to have a bit of glamour but also some vintage feminine vibes pulled in, I went for curling my hair with a chopstick wand and simply throwing this into a high ponytail. This is my go to look when I want to look ‘dressed up’  or make more of an effort and the ponytail allows the beautiful lace back detailing to bask in all it’s glory.

 Wearing the right kind of jumpsuit marries all the best aspects of dresses and trousers. With so many different styles, shapes, patterns and colours, I truly believe there is a jumpsuit made for every individual Wildling and they are the powerhouse of fashion. Jumpsuits can work for anyone- as long as the wearer is prepared to go through that awkward moment of being naked in a public bathroom.


Jumpsuit: Lace top Jumpsuit with lattice back

Heels: Faith Louise White Tie Up Heels  (✕)

Earrings: Ted Baker Ediee bow studs

Bracelet: Ted Baker Ediee bow bangle

How do you wear your jumpsuits?

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