Rethink Pink: How to wear pink for spring

Pink is a little bit like marmite; you either love it or hate it.

I’m undoubtedly a pink enthusiast and I love how the right shade compliments my complexion and makes me feel ultra feminine. With that said, it is useful to look beyond the stereotypes linked with this beautiful colour. Contrary to popular belief, pink doesn’t have to be defined as a ‘sweet colour’. When styled right, pink can be anything you desire; from girlish and pretty, to sophisticated and classic or edgy rock chic. It’s simply one of those universally flattering chameleon of colours that can be catered to each individuals needs and wants. Anyone can wear pink.

Here are four ways to wear pink so that every Wildling will now have the confidence to tackle pink in their wardrobe and the knowledge on how to cater this colour for each individuals’ style preferences. Of course, like always, this is just a simple grounding for those who desire a foundation on which to build on. I always encourage my readers to wear what they want and how as fashion is about self-expression and rules should not apply.




Treat it as a neutral


A hot pink blouse isn’t exactly subtle, but the colour is surprisingly toned down when worn with even bolder pieces. Treating pink pieces as a neutral colour and wearing it with statement pieces such as these pants or a pair of printed heels can soften a striking pink. However, this would create a very bold look overall and thus, is best tackled for the fashionistas that love to stand out of the crowd and make a daring statement. Though, you can easily desaturate a bold pink with muted colours like your favourite denim or your favourite pair of white jeans.

If that is totally not you, then think about the classically popular look of a neutral outfit- head to toe- and change one singular piece to a pink shade. Here, you are still treating the pink clothing as a neutral in a much safer sense. Similarly to what I’ve done here, you could wear this beautiful lace pink trench instead of a usual beige one, I personally would have worn instead.



Wear it sparingly


If pink clothing is still too much for you to handle, try only wearing pink accessories instead and tackling pink as an accent colour over a main shade. This way you’re still getting your pink fix in a controlled and discrete manner. A pink bag is perhaps the easiest accessory to style as it can be paired with almost any other colour on the colour wheel- providing you get your tones and shades right. For instance, a mauve pink would look chic and calming matched with grey, whilst a pastel pink and white outfit creates a soft and girlish vibe. Likewise, a colour scheme consisting of dusty pink and burgundy creates a sophisticated and understated impression.

Alternatively, a pretty watch or bow in your hair, as I’m wearing here, is also a great option and definitely the way forward if you’re a newbie to wearing pink. Simply having one small spot of pink in your outfit can uplift any look and take it to new heights and eases you into the colour if you have future plans to wear more pink, eventually. Using pink as an accent and adding touches here and there is the perfect way to add a feminine highlight to your look.


Coat: Lace mac Skater

Dress: Cotton shirt dress with pearl detail  (similar)

Boots: By Blanche Daydream boots in black

Bow: bow barrette hair clip

Earrings: Ted Baker Ediee bow studs

Bracelet: Ted Baker Ediee bow bangle

Bag: Fiorelli mia grab bag





Mix your tones


If you’re an avid pink lover, then why not try out an all pink outfit in different tones? This can seem very daunting to some but mixing different shades of pink together breaks up the look and keeps it feeling laid-back rather than formal. When mixed with a variety of textures and prints, clashing pinks can look amazing and opens doors to get creative. This is more ideal for someone that is already accustomed to wearing a lot pink and is ready to take a bolder step. Creating a monotone outfit can either go very wrong or wonderfully right so it’s good to really think about matching the tones perfectly. The key to pulling off a one-coloured outfit is to range your items from light to dark; one piece that is a very light pink, one that is a muted, darker pink, and the last in a bolder, brighter pink. Finally, ensure your different tones are in the same colour of pink and don’t have one that is more purple, another with an underlying blue and then a bright fuchsia pink as this isn’t going to be very complimentary. I would also consider breaking up the monotone with one item in a different colour.



Make a statement


Styled with thought and consideration, pink can easily mesh with your look and adds a beautiful subtlety to your outfit, as established above. However, this isn’t the only way to wear the colour. Despite us living in the twenty first century, nothing makes more of a statement than a woman in a tux/suit. Pairing pink with typically ‘masculine’ pieces is perhaps the most empowering statement and will create a modern, avant-garde look that will have you feeling like a total boss. If you are more rocker than dapper, you could perhaps choose a pink faux leather jacket as the hard-wearing texture will contrast with the stereotypical ‘sweetness’ of the colour.

If that’s still not your thing, try finding a bold statement piece that just happens to be in pink. Like this artsy retro bag from Vendula London, a vegan brand I recently discovered that have the most incredible statement bags made to catch eyes. If you choose a pink piece that is unique and a little busy, you probably won’t even notice the colour! Moreover, pink statement pieces gives you the tool to think outside of the box and dress with more originality than you thought possible. Despite the above, wearing pink already makes a statement of self-love, for this is the colour of universal love; of oneself and of others.

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How do you wear the colour pink?

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