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My new favourite vegan bag brand

Since going vegan, I’ve been on a constant search to find cruelty free fashion brands and pieces that align with my morals; The leather industry is an incredibly cruel industry which will leave you speechless and if anyone thinks that this is a byproduct from the meat industry then they are very mistaken. (News flash: there is no way to kill an animal ‘nicely’. You can’t put the word ‘humane’ in front of any act of violence.) Just like killing an animal for meat or diary or causing unmeasurable amounts of pain through testing for cosmetics, buying fur, wool or leather is both cruel and highly unnecessary. Despite their being a lot of pieces on the high street and readily available online, that just happen to be faux leather, I find it to be more rewarding to support a brand that define themselves as vegan. I believe that every time we buy something, we are making a statement.

You can only imagine my sheer excitement when I discovered Vendula London, UK based brand, who are 100% animal friendly. They offer a range of unique, quirky bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from clutches to

totes to handbags, you name it, they’ve got it. Vendula is stocked globally, and when I saw their beautiful design portraying store windows with quant details and charming touches, I fell in love.I just had to get in touch with them to see if they’d be open to a collaboration so I could share their incredible products with every Wildling and when they agreed, I was on a serious high for weeks!

If you can’t tell from the blog name, I adore whimsical fashion and novelty bags are right down my street. The cuter and more ornate the better. I have found myself getting increasingly excited with anticipation of what they will release next, as this is a company with no shortage of ideas. (I personally would love to see a ballet studio, how chic and feminine would that be?)

With all this said, a unique, cruelty free brand isn’t going to make the cut if it isn’t worth the investment. Therefore, I thought it would be in all my Wildling’s best interest to share my honest thoughts with a full, in depth review on the brand and the specific bag I was gifted. 





The Specs


Vendula recently launched their new collection and after a long humming and harring, I settled on the Grace bag from their Greengrocers collection. Although this is a brand that is guaranteed to give you an amazing statement piece whatever the design, there was just something about their greengrocers that called out to me and felt a little more idiosyncratic than the usual Vendula bag. It seemed quite fitting as a health nut and I also adored the striped top and cute lamppost sewn on the front. This bag measures to 24.5cm(H) x 30cm(W) × 14cm(D) with three inside pockets and one back zipped pocket making this bag a perfect size for storing anything I may desire and still reasonable to carry around the city all day long. The bag offers a brass closing clasp which I think adds a higher level of sophistication to the design. There is also a detachable and adjustable vegan leather shoulder strap- a feature I love as it eliminates any limitations. My only set back here is that with other bags I have owned previously from other brands, that have a clip on strap, is that there can be some ware caused on the fabric of the handle.

Quality Control

If you’re a regular reader, then you may be aware that I have a little background in fashion design which has made me rather critical and very conscious of craftsmanship. What I can state is that the stitching on each bag I have inspected is impeccable with a sturdy handle and high quality materials used. These are bags that are going to last you a long time, making a great investment. Furthermore, the bag features four studded feet to save your handbag from a world of dirt and grime whenever you set it down. This is an ideal feature that will increase the longevity of your product and is a must if you’re like me and constantly on the go, setting your handbag on questionable surfaces. Despite all of the above, these are only first impressions and thus, I aim to do a follow up review, a year later to see how the bag stands the tests of time. However, after reading a review from a fellow blogger, I am quite confident to find that this will be very positive.

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The Details


One of my favourite things about Vendula is the intricate detail and creative thought that goes into each design. Vendula is notorious for their adorable design ideas that go onto the back of their bags. This one has a cute little label that reads: ‘ *Farm Fresh* Locally grown vegetables & fruits’, and two wooden market food boxes. The front of their bags always have appliquéd shapes, stitching and often a little cat character. It’s this kind of attention to detail that puts this company in a class by themselves. To top it off they always have quirky matching lining that works so wonderfully with each individual bag design, in this case the lining is a cute London print.

Styling Tips

I went for a relatively obvious direction in terms of styling my Vendula bag, choosing to match the stripes from the top of the bag, with a striped top tucked into cigarette trousers. Despite this bag being such a statement, I wanted to make it my own and thus, I made sure to add my signature love for bows throughout the look. (Brownie points if you can correctly count how many bows I’m wearing!) As I adore classy styles with vintage elements, it’s no shock that these cigarette trousers are my current obsession and I think they match perfectly with the bag as I feel Vendula channel 50’s retro vibes. As there is a lot of red in the greengrocers shop window, I chose to lift this colour out with a red lip. Overall, I wanted to ensure my outfit co-ordinated with the bag and complimented it’s beautiful design without overpowering it. Therefore, I made sure my outfit was neutral and understated.


Heels: Sweet bow velvet mary janes (similar)

Hair Bow: Black Velvet Bow hair clip (similar)

Earrings: Bow Diamond Earrings (similar

I’m certain that Vendula have a customer for life. From bookstores to sewing shops, this brand has it all and who doesn’t love a company that colours outside of the lines? They even offer a design your own bag feature! The latter I’m sure I’ll be guilty of using eventually however, I have my eyes on the biscuit shop bag first. Whichever design you go for, I can guarantee you’ll be receiving compliments left, right and center. There is also a constant blissful feeling as you’re essentially carrying a work of art on your arm. Be prepared to see this bag for many posts to come, Wildlings. I’m in love!

Have you heard of Vendula?

* in collaboration with Vendula London. Please note that I will never work with a brand that I do not believe in and I will always share my honest, genuine thoughts no matter what.   TheWhimsicalWildling uses affiliate links. Read the disclaimer for more info.