Break the ice: 2 ways to style your ice watch

It’s time to talk watches

Most of my life, I was an avid watch lover. I’m not sure what happened but I went to feeling naked without wearing my watch to total comfortable wrist nakedness. Ironically, I have recently been looking into purchasing a watch, now that my leather one -bought during my pre-vegan days- has worn out. (I blame my boyfriend for passing on the watch loving.) Naturally, I jumped onto the chance of working with Ice Watch when they contacted me for a collaboration. I received their Ultraviolet Ice Watch as part of their Glam Colour Collection and let me tell you, the colour is even more amazing in real life! In fact the whole collection’s colour palette is seriously on point! Each colour comes in Large and Small. I chose the small as I prefer the numbers on the face instead of the simple lines that is offered with the large.

The reason I was so keen to collaborate with this brand is that their silicone watches are a better sustainable choice over leather and plastic watches.

In short, Silicone is indisputably safer for human health, highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic. In addition, Silicone does not cause any animals to be murdered so you are making a very ethical choice by turning away from leather products. Furthermore, animal agriculture is the leading cause of the earths distraction and global warming and thus, calling leather products ‘natural’ and ‘good for the earth’ is very misinformed.

On an extra note, Ice Watch’s silicone products certainly make a statement so you can be a conscious consumer and feel trendy at the same time. With that said, the bold choice in watch can feel a little daunting to style. Thus, I thought my Wildlings would find it beneficial to see how I personally style my own Ice Watch in two ways for two very different settings.

The Elegant Everyday

The first outfit I chose to style my Ice Watch, is an elegant outfit that speaks to my personal style and can easily work for everyday wear but also offers the ability to be dressed up for an event that is more formal.

I’ve noticed that there is some stigma around Ice Watch’s Silicone products and their incapability to work with a ‘dressed-up’ look. As all my fellow Wildlings will know, my usual attire is ‘dressy’; put together. I live for pretty feminine dresses, bows, peter pan collars and heels. So perhaps this styling came quite natural to me, however, by no means is it difficult to accessorise a more formal or feminine outfit with your Ice Watch, if this is not your usual thing.

How to get the look

The easiest way to tie your Ice Watch into an elegant look is to colour co-ordinate your outfit with the accessory. As I have the Ultraviolet Ice Watch, I chose this beautiful lace dress in lilac as this is a different to the watch but in the same hue and thus will compliment the Violet shade of the watch perfectly. This is my biggest tip for colour co-ordination with any outfit. It can often be very difficult to find something that is the exact match to another item, particularly if made from a completely different brand. Therefore, mixing your tones is a great way to overcome this challenge and successfully piece together a harmonious look. On another note, choosing a softer colour to that of the watch, allows the focus to be on the accessory as I really wanted the watch to bask in all its glory and be the central piece of the outfit. An outfit that is entirely neutral would also achieve this. However, if you are looking to do the opposite, choosing neutralising colours such as this blue dress or a bright purple would both do the trick to tone down the violet watch.

The beauty of the lace dress I chose is that it has minimal detailing and therefore works as the perfect base to build upon. I paired the dress with a pair of white strappy heels and a small white bucket bag (stay tuned for a full review of this beauty!) to achieve a classy look fit for a formal summer event. I further enhanced the mood with a pair of silver earrings and a necklace. Successfully matching all of my accessories in white to neutralise the look and give the watch more space to shine. Clipping my hair back into a half up half down hairstyle ties the feminine formality of the look together and takes it a new height. If you want to reach higher, follow suit and paint your nails with the Nails Inc Nail Vanish- Old Bond Street, for a perfect match with the watch.

To dress down the look, simply change to a pair of white ballet flats and replace the sparkly silver jewellery with only a pair of small white studs. This keeps the look feminine but in a more toned down form and very appropriate for every day wear. Keep the bucket bag and hair to still look put together or leave the hair down for a natural touch.








Dress ( Similar) ( Similar)

Large Bulldog Clip (Similar)

Bag (similar)





Nail Vanish

Workwear Wonder Woman

It’s quite typical to incorporate a watch into the average workwear outfit. It is not, however, typical to include a bold colourful one such as those that Ice Watch regularly offer. It’s no secret that their silicone watches are statement pieces which can sometimes be turned down regarding workwear rules. Nonetheless, I thought it would be beneficial to reveal how I would personally style my Ice Watch for work. It is worth noting that I have only ever been in the creative field, studying Fashion at college and Textile Design in university. Therefore, my outfit does have some whimsicalness to it that may otherwise be frowned up in certain work places. Despite this, I have taken this into account and suggested how to work around this.



How to get the look

Black is always a safe choice (unless it’s covered in bling!) particularly for the workplace. Therefore, I made this the basis of my outfit with this fitted preppy jumpsuit and these black paperbag heels that are currently slaying my life. I know what you are thinking, heels for the office? Although I would happily live in heels if I could, I understand that this isn’t everyones cup of tea so I think that these black chelsea boots would look just as killer.

To add my needed touch of whimsy to the look, I chose a white blouse with a fun print and further enhanced the playfulness with a pussybow. The latter, I believe, smartens the look and tones down the printed top. This is also further achieved by the jumpsuit which offers a very classy piece for your workwear wardrobe, and on a cheekier note, makes your booty look poppin! The thought behind wearing a long sleeve blouse is that it can easily cover the watch if you’d like to wear it but feel it’s a little bold for your work place.

To finish the look, I threw my hair in a ponytail, to add some professionalism, tied with a velvet ribbon which as you may have noticed, is basically my thing. I also added the same

pair of earrings I was wearing in the first look because, of course, one can never be

wearing too many bows! I also kept in the same white bucket bag  because I forgot to pack my other one, as this neutralises the outfit and keeps it from looking too busy.








Jumpsuit (Similar) (Similar)


Bag (similar)




Nail Vanish

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* In collaboration with Ice Watch. Please note that I will never work with a brand that I do not believe in and I will always share my honest, genuine thoughts regardless of the circumstances. TheWhimsicalWildling uses affiliate links. Read the disclaimer for more info.