5 Simple Tips for Easy Self Care

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”

Self care is the secret ingredient to manifesting anything you desire in life and achieving a wondrous loving relationship with yourself. How often do you prioritise self care in your week? It can be all too easy to feel that self-care is an indulgence you don’t have time for, in your busy schedule, however, this is not a luxury. Self-care is a necessity. It is not an act of selfishness, for we all deserve to take time out for ourselves. Many of us are so dedicated to looking after and helping out those closest to us, working on reaching the heights of our careers to bask in success and generally taking on too much in one go. Yet, what we all fail to understand is that you cannot pour from an empty cup. By never taking any time out to taking after yourself, you actually become less efficient. We aren’t meant to just do, do, do. Part of our purpose in life is to enjoy the journey.

Here are five easy ways you can practice self-care.


Recite some affirmations

If you are a fellow Wildling and read my blog regularly, you will be aware that I have spoken about affirmations on various posts and how a few words can have so much power on changing your negative thoughts and overall perspective on something. They can be used in your career to become more successful, or to look at yourself in a more positive light. Similarly, a simple affirmation can be used to honour a healthy and happy direction of living an authentic life. Looking after yourself does not just correlate to physical health, despite what the media may tell us.

Self care comes in many forms that add up to make a complete package, carefully wrapped with a cute bow on top.  The building block to keep everything held together is your mental health; how you view yourself, the thoughts you have regularly and the perception you have on life itself. If you only ever tell yourself harsh things and beat yourself up over your mistakes, then your foundation will fall and crumble if knocked by a third party invader. Contrariwise, if your thoughts are only positive, your foundation will be a concrete force to be reckoned with. Though it might seem difficult, it can be quite easy to shift your mindset by reciting a few uplifting affirmations everyday. Here are a few to get you started:

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”

“I recognise where I’ve been and celebrate the person I’m becoming.”

“I am a priority in my own life. My self care is worth making time for. I am worthy of all things wonderful.”



Say ‘no’ to toxic people

Acts of self-care do not solely correlate to yourself but should be extended to others also. This is not to be confused with caring for others (though that is entirely supported and encouraged) but I am talking specifically about those who cause toxicity in your life. One of my first blog posts on The Whimsical Wildling was about removing toxic people in your life and understanding your own self worth.  Although it can be extremely difficult, removing someone who only offers your toxicity, is in your best interest. If it is in your power to do so, it is highly recommended, but if there are complications, try and distance yourself. Despite how harsh it may seem, eliminating anyone that causes dark areas and negativity will bring you a sense of relief. Even if this is someone close to you or even a family member!

When you say ‘no’ to someone who isn’t good for or to you, you are honouring yourself and making a statement that you are worth more. When done respectfully, there is nothing wrong with removing yourself from those with whom you are not aligned. If it’s not that simple, try and gain courage to speak openly and respect your truth. Life is too short to be around people that cause you to feel any sort of misery and not be able to speak your mind. Just like everyone else, your feelings are valid too.





Do something that speaks to your soul

On a lighter note, there are much simpler things to do outside of your community and the people in it. When we are bustling around all day, it can be so easy to forget to take a slither of time out of our day to just do something that nourishes the soul. By this, I don’t mean eating your fruits and vegetables- though this is a very important piece for caring for yourself – but to do something that gives you a euphoric feeling of complete tranquility. Something that only speaks to you.

This could be taking a blanket out at night and stargazing in your garden, watching a sunset at the beach, spending time around animals or talking a stroll in the park and snapping beautiful photos along the way.

Make a list of some simple things that turns your life from ordinary into wonderful and then take a vow that you will do at least one of these things in the next week.




Create peace in your home

Personally, I am very sensitive to my environment. If I don’t look after my home, then it reflects in myself. However, I don’t believe you have to have this trait in common to reap the benefits of having a clean and comfortable home. Having a messy bedroom to the point that you can’t even see the floor to remember what colour it is, would cause most of us a fair amount of stress.

Clutter creeps up on us all and it can seem overwhelming on how to get started. However, taking time to clear out your wardrobe, rearrange your furniture and just declutter your whole house, is both rewarding and necessary for practicing good self-care.

Start by going through your whole wardrobe. Sorting your clothes into three piles; ‘keep’, ‘donate’, and ‘not sure’. Bag up the ‘not sure’ pile and leave it somewhere that is out of the way but still easily accessible. If you take anything out of that bag for the next six months then you know it needs to be given to charity or sold, no matter how attached to the pieces you are. They are the causes of your clutter. From there, it is easy to start applying this process to other areas of your home and sorting through each section in your bedroom or taking apart each room in your home until all of that unnecessary items are gone.





Create joyful rituals

Creating simple rituals of joy that you can establish into your daily routine is perhaps the most effective forms of self-care. It can be so easy that it’s almost laughable.

A simple ritual can keep you grounded such as hugging your loved ones before bed or walking bare feet in the grass before dinner. On the other hand, a ritual can nourish your body like drinking lemon water in the morning, (My granddad swore by this!) or doing a few minuets of yoga. Despite this, a ritual doesn’t have to just be an added habit meshed into your daily routine but something you do once or twice a week, like gardening or baking on a sunday afternoon.

Create easy to do rituals that ground your day and you’ll find your way “home” no matter what life throws at you.

With a little bit of attention to your own self-care, you’ll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Self-care makes up an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps us thriving, content and more in-tune with our minds and bodies. Make a promise to yourself to hold your own well-being as a sacred entity.


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How do you practice self-care?