My 5 wardrobe essentials for summer

Raise your hand if you’re melting under the heatwave right now. *insert raised hand emoji*

When your fringe is matted to your sweaty forehead, your skin keeps sticking to every chair you sit on and you don’t know which way is up or down, the last thing on your mind is probably not so much how on-point your outfit looks but how it feels; as cool as a cucumber. It might seem impossible, but I believe you can put together a killer outfit that is high-temperature appropriate, you just need to put together a seasonal essentials list to have you prepped and ready.

Here are my top five fashion essentials for summer…

Whimsical Jewellery

Summer always brings this childlike empress to my forefront and it is often projected through my fashion sense. Of course, keeping it very Eloise-y, it’s done so discreetly and often through my jewellery. I will always prefer dainty silver diamond pieces and if they’re in some form of animal, you bet my Vegan heart I’ll be all over it, like a donkey on a waffle.

My mother was the one to gift me this sweet diamond owl set and I couldn’t love the design more. They just lift any outfit and can turn a plainer look into something more unique and interesting. QVC always seem to launch a pretty, playful set every year, so if you’re like me and a sucker for jewellery like the ones I’m wearing, I’d keep your eye out!

Sterling Silver diamond necklace and earring owl set (similar)

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An Airy Romper

For me, this is the ultimate summer essential! When the heat comes creeping in, I find myself getting a little lethargic and the playsuit is a lazy fashionistas best friend. It takes little effort to style and maybe just a little more to put on, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth it.

I find that shorts can be a bit unforgiving in the summer sometimes, and I often spend my summer days laying in a garden with a picnic sat beside me. Therefore, I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why wearing a dress is a little risque. (No one want’s a Bridget Jones situation on their hands.) Alas, we are left with the option of a playsuit. They simply give so much joy when worn; comfortable, liberating and you can cartwheel until your hearts content.

Love Triangle lace top bardot playsuit with tie waist

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I don’t think I even need to explain myself here; sunglasses are mandatory when it’s sunny. Duh. Nonetheless, they need some recognition as I believe that the aviator style trumps (this word truly is ruined now) all other sunglasses.

The aviator sunglasses will suit most face shapes and have a timeless appeal I just can’t deny. Thanks to Ray-Ban, they’re iconic but you don’t have to splurge to look glam, you can find some amazing ones like the pair I’m wearing that are dirty cheap and go perfectly with my whimsy style due to the cute butterflies on the sides.

Despite the above, if I had an actual job (#postgradprobs), then you can bet that I would be investing in a pair of Ray-Ban‘s as I know from friends that they are incredibly resilient and can last you decades. I think finding the perfect pair, even if that means not choosing an aviator –gasp!– is essential for anyone in summertime. They are inarguably a necessity for the sunnier days so you might as well make it a fashion statement that has you feeling like a celebrity.

Aviator sunglasses with white butterfly on side (similar)




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Small bucket bag

As I have very recently mentioned, a small bucket bag that is easy to carry around is the perfect accessory for hot, long days in the sunshine.

The thought of carrying around anything larger during this time of the year, has me groaning in protest. Like many, long walks and exciting new adventures that demand physical activity is what my Summer is all about and carrying a small airy bag gives me a sense of freedom, where I don’t feel burdened by a bag.

Why does this bag in particular triumph over other bucket bags?

Well, if you’re too lazy to read my recent review on this baby I’ll put it directly and simply; it’s by a rising Vegan brand INYATI, whom are concrete in their belief for a cruelty free world- a utopia, I dream of myself. 

Sustainability is very important to the brand and thus all INYATI bags and accessories are animal free and made from premium Vegan leather. I’ve highlighted premium because this one brand that actually delivers on their promises. There high-quality materials and skilled craftmanship guarantees a long life for every cherished INYATI product and I have genuinely never had a Vegan bag before that is this well made. Which is saying something, as I’m not one to cop out and buy cheap bags. Ironically, the prices are very competitive to the point that it will probably leave you feeling like you’ve stolen it.

If the tasteful tropical print, cute size and classic cut of this bag doesn’t have you won over, then I don’t know what will!

Cream Yasmin Vegan bucket bag by INYATI*

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Embroidered Trainers

I’ve never been a trainers (sneaker for you americans) girl. At least not since I was ten years old. Then my boyfriend kept on ‘persuading’ me- much to my annoyance- to get some. I’m not sure if it’s to do with certain associations sportswear gives me, or the fact I just love my classy, elegant, ladylike fashion to ever think of cheating on it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to like them. Then, I stumbled upon a few embroidered designs and considered the fact that I was going on new adventures every weekend which demanded long walks and figured I need a pair. I got these from a China site, which can be very hit and miss. However, I couldn’t find many embroidered pairs I liked, readily available in the UK. Of course, in typical universe fashion, embroidered trainers have became a huge trend this summer, after my boyfriend bought me this pair. Nonetheless, the design is very cute and feminine and they were very cheap. Alas this is a solid ‘you get what you pay for’; the quality certainly doesn’t reach my standards and the soles look like they’ve been superglued on. Once they wear out, I won’t be replacing them with the same pair, but they’re great for now and I have yet to see a blossom pair anywhere else.

Blossom Pink Embroidered Sneakers

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What are your summer wardrobe essentials?