The vegan bag you need this summer

   Your new best friend

Warning: this post may cause bag envy (shoes too!)

If there is one bag you need for summer it’s the classic bucket bag and rising Vegan brand, INYATI, have you covered. Small, compact and east to carry around, their Yasmin, Top handle bag is the perfect accessory for hot, long days in the sunshine…

I personally hate the thought of carrying around a large bag during this time of the year. I’m often out on long walks and exciting new adventures that demand physical activity. Consequently, carrying a small airy bag gives me a sense of liberty; of free movement, where I don’t feel burdened by a bag- no matter how aesthetically pleasing it may look. It is simply not practical for the life of Eloise at summertime.

The problem is that I have been on the search for said bag, but had yet to find one. That was until I stumbled upon INYATI and I was instantly curious by their slick designs and small whimsy touches. However, as all my fellow Wild hearts know, I am huge on quality and like to think of fashion as an investment; long lasting, durable and timeless pieces only please. Whilst I knew that this brand offered classic bags with just the right amount of detail and very compatible prices, I didn’t know how they would level up regarding quality and craftsmanship. Therefore, I took it upon myself to contact the brand and see if they would be open for me to try out one of their products (it took me over an hour to decide which one I loved the most,) with the condition that I would only share my true, honest opinions. Intrigued? Here is my full review on the Cream Yasmin bucket bag by INYATI.

The specs

As mentioned before, I really wanted a classic day bag that was small and effortless to carry for those hot summer days. This bag measures at 15 (h) x 19 (w) x 10 (d) cm and if you aren’t that great with math, you can easily see in my photos that this bag is very small. Personally, I adore the cute size and it caters to what I wanted, however, this could be a turn-off for many as if you have a relatively large purse like myself, you won’t be able to get that sucker in. Believe me, I tried. However, the bag does come with a zip up pocket and one slip pocket to store smaller items, therefore, I’ve been using it to place my cards and money. (If you are reading this thinking you’re going to mug me, I’d like to give you a forewarning that my boyfriend is very scary.) Of course, you could just invest in a smaller purse (which is a great excuse for another treat!) however, it is worth noting that if you carry a lot of points cards and loose change, this bag may not offer that practicality.

The bucket bag features a removable adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry the bag on your wrist which offers a more dressed-up feel to your outfit over the relaxed option of the shoulder strap. The bag closes with a drawstring which is actually attached around the top handle of the bag which I found to be a surprising design choice at first but have since understood that this keeps the bag looking put together. The drawstring has the sweetest tropical print which adds a whimsical touch without being overbearing or causing the bag to look dated in time. The bag also comes in lilac and midnight blue. Both colours are quite magnificent and look equally as stunning with the printed top.

The only flaw I have in terms of the design, is that it is quite easy to open and therefore, could make you a target for theft. I would take caution on where it is you would wear this bag as I would not recommend this if you are in an unfamiliar place, playing tourist or on a night out.

Styling Tips

Unlike my recent review on the unique statement bags of Vendula London, this bag is a simple classic design with a tasteful print on the top that can easily be overlooked depending on the rest of your outfit. Moreover, if you chose the cream colour as I have, the neutral colour allows this bag to work with almost any outfit. Therefore, it should be generally easy to style. I’ve personally found it to work with literally any outfit I’ve worn, so far.

On this particular day, I wanted to focus on co-ordinating entirely with the bag’s design, taking out the yellow of the tropical print and pairing with a pair of high waisted tie shorts. This is a tailored cut that looks great on any wearer and never goes out of style. Paired with a simple white tee and you have the perfect match for timeless attire.

If you haven’t already guessed from this collaboration, I am Vegan. It is highly important to me that I do not support companies that exploit animals and thus you may be confused that I am wearing the famous staple design of Sophia Webster’s butterfly shoes. Well, the butterfly sandal heels I am wearing are dupes!

Although there is quite an uproar for designers, when companies copy off their designs. I personally can’t feel any remorse or ethical conflict when these designers are abusing animals. I love that I can still wear the item, even if they are fakes, and not cause suffering to an animal. Moreover, I can’t justify paying hundreds for a pair of shoes that are going to get knocked about and wear out fairly quickly.

 I think these butterfly shoes go perfectly with the shorts and further bring out the yellow print in the bag. I had so many compliments during this shoot and a lady even asked if she could take a picture of them- of course I made sure to mention that they were vegan friendly. Although, I went quite bold as these shoes are definitely a statement, the bag is so quiet that any pair of shoes would work just as well.

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Quality Control

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I was waiting on the delivery of this bucket bag, but it certainly wasn’t to be left in complete awe regarding the quality. I’ve had a lot of vegan leather from ethical brands, in the two years that I’ve been vegan, but never have I had a faux leather feel so luxurious and impeccably made. My auntie -who adores her leather Radley bags and only buys from this brand as she finds them to be long lasting- was just as pleasantly surprised when I revealed this one from INYATI, to her. Even stating that she would quite happily have it! This speaks volumes.

Although I have only had this bag for around a month, I have a strong inclination from the flawless craftsmanship that this bag is going to last me a very long time.




The Conclusion

I generally think that INYATI could give the big guys whom are certainly not Vegan (Ted Baker, Kate Spade, etc.) a run for their money. You genuinely won’t understand how incredible their vegan leather is, until you have it sitting pretty in your fingertips. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be hyping this bag so much if I wasn’t so impressed on the craftsmanship and design.  Take their word for it when they call it premium vegan leather. I look forward to where this brand will go and the wonderful designs they will launch at such competitive prices considering how luxurious their bags feel. Don’t be surprised if you see them featured on The Whimsical Wildling more than once.

On a final note, I’ve also had the pleasure to be in contact with some of the team and they’re all very lovely and truly believe in the Vegan movement. I couldn’t think of a better Vegan Bag brand to support for all your classy, luxurious needs.   

What do you think of this vegan bucket bag?

* in collaboration with INYATI. Please note that I will never work with a brand that I do not believe in and I will always share my honest, genuine thoughts no matter what.

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