Why you need a tuxedo dress in your wardrobe

Tuxedo’s aren’t just for men

Some of my favourite fashion pieces are taken from traditional menswear and the tux dress is by no means, an exception.

When this style came to the forefront of fashion, it was like my prayers had been answered. Although it’s no secret I adore a pretty dress, sometimes, it can feel a little repetitive and tiring with the same old dress styles coming into the spotlight each season. That’s why the tuxedo dress has been like a breathe of fresh air the past two years with it’s stylish, classic charm and modern appeal.

Blair Waldorf said it best herself, owning a tuxedo is a must. However, if you are like me and still love a good dress or feel best exuding something that feels traditionally feminine, then the tux dress is the way to go. Although at first glance, this trend may feel a little limiting, it can be very diverse and cater to a range of personal styles and illustrates an ingenious contrast of safe yet sexy.

There are plenty of ways to make the tuxedo trend work for you. Here is how to find the one for you…



Emphasize on the fit


The key to slaying the tuxedo dress trend is ensuring you have the correct fit. As a tailored piece, it’s going to look odd if it doesn’t fit the wearer properly. Thus, it is in everyone’s best interest to invest in a dress which fits close to your frame and accentuates your curves perfectly. A tux/ blazer dress looks exactly like an oversized blazer buttoned up and consequently, it can be too easy to achieve the undesired, overly-boxy silhouette. (The last thing you want to communicate is the statement: “Oops, I forgot to put on pants.”) Depending on the shape you like your body to have, you’ll either want it to widen through the hips for a fit-and-flare effect, or remain narrow, skimming the body.

If you are finding that achieving the right fit is a challenge and a half, I recommend going for a size up to your usual one and take it to a tailors to have the garment adjusted for your beautiful body. This is a small investment that can make all the difference and it makes your garment feel more ‘one of a kind’.

My favourite tip: If your tuxedo dress has long sleeves, roll them up for a more casual look that will draw the eye to your waist and make you look even curvier!






Vamp it up with heels


The concern for many when it comes to wearing a tux is that they feel too masculine. Even when it’s a dress! This is where a killer pair of heels can totally slay your doubts. A heeled shoe will instantly add a feminine touch and add the perfect touch of glamour. An almond toe or pointed pump is timeless where as a strappy heel will give a more modern look. I went for my current favourite heels from Public Desire.








Outfit Details


Tuxedo Dress (Similar) (Similar)

Paper bag heeled boots (Similar)


Bag* (Similar)

Bow silver Earrings and Necklace

Pandora essence charm bracelet








Make it monochrome


If the tux dress is causing you to feel out of your depth, sticking to monochromes will tone down the intimidation. Black on Black is foolproof but if you’re feeling adventurous this two tone piece is a total ball-buster or a white on white tuxedo can look fresh and stylish. Just be sure not to spill any food on a white tuxedo otherwise the dry cleaning bill will leave a hole in your wallet!

Although this is a great safe option, a tuxedo can be a bit of a blank canvas so inject some life into your look with some colour. Simply add a red lip for some extra glamour or a colourful accessory to achieve a stylish statement. Something like this watch would be a great option or an awesome nail vanish would totally slay.




Play with textures and prints


Trying the tux dress trend in an array of textures and prints adds a new dimension to the trend. A lush velvet tuxedo dress can give you a sense of opulence, a tartan print effortlessly pulls of the 90’s look whereas a split sleeve number can come across as more playful. Tweed is also a great option for a blazer dress and I currently have my eyes on this amazing pink one. Just make sure not to get one that is made of wool! Sheep don’t deserve to die for our own selfish gains nor be slaves or suffer abuse by us, when there are so many amazing alternatives.

As I didn’t want my tuxedo dress look to feel entirely safe and boring, I went with this printed check blazer dress. I love the vintage vibes a check print can give, especially when it’s in a muted shade like grey and I thought that this would work great for workwear as well as a night out.

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What do you think of the tuxedo trend? Do you have any tips on how to wear the tuxedo dress trend?