Founded in 2014 and re-established in 2016, ‘The Whimsical Wildling’ was created by designer Eloise Alice. Though the blog was initially born as a hobby and part of Eloise’s college fashion degree, over time, this has rapidly changed and developed into something much more substantial’ to inspire readers and preach self-love, compassion, confidence and being adventurous in all aspects of life.

The Whimsical Wildling encourages and guides readers towards the life of compassionate living; sharing cruelty free beauty products and fashion brands as well as vegan recipes. Health and wellbeing is another main focus, as The Whimsical Wildling believes in loving who you are and living life, both to the fullest and with the highest quality achievable.

What sets The Whimsical Wildling apart from the over saturated blogging world is the unique, creative, artistic content. This is most apparent in the ‘Fashion Fables’ segment, which contains Fantasy themed fashion shoots. Here, a character from a Fairy Tale, Legend, Myth or piece of literature is taken and recreated with a combination of modernism and artistic twists.

Eloise aims to create a blog where there is depth beneath the materialistic world of fashion and beauty, compassion is your strongest asset and the healthiest life is the best life. Moreover, where readers feel positive and liberated with honest, genuine content at their finger tips, which they know they can trust.

What is a Wildling?

(All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.)