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All opinions and views mentioned on The Whimsical Wildling are the authors (Eloise Alice). These opinions are for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only. Opinions are not to be confused with facts and it is important to remember that everyone have their own opinions. I do not ever intend to offend or insult any one with my writing and opinions. I am simply sharing my thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, product or review.



One of the most important factors for this blog is that I am genuine and honest. I aim to continuously create trustworthy and reliable content. I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively about a product if I do not agree. I never want my readers to feel as though they can’t trust what they’re reading or feel as though they are being sold a product for profit. This is not what The Whimsical Wildling is about. If I dislike a product, it most likely won’t even be shared with you as I feel this would waste both my own time as well as your own. However, if I do share a product I dislike this will be completely honest in it’s review. Content created under a brand collaboration will be mentioned in the post and any items sent to me will be marked with a ‘*’.



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